Mr. Rajendra Jain
Manoharbhai Patel Institute of pharmacy came into existence in 2004. The Institutes beautiful & serene campus is conducive to create a peaceful learning atmosphere. The building is well equipped with Laboratories, Library. Instrumentation facilities for better academic growth. This Institute studies hard to provide quality Professional Education blended with the concept of Pharmaceutical ethics to mould the future health care professionals. Our Society (GES) has provided excellent infrastructure. Our mission is to promote health & wellness of the masses of the remotely placed backward people of this area through quality yet affordable medications. As a group, we are diverse. We believe that, it is diversity within this noble profession that helps us to reach out to people across cultural, economic & social boundaries. We pledge to offer all our students the best education at MIBP, Gondia. I hereby take this opportunity to give a message to one & all, who visits our website that, you will always feel proud to be studied from MIBP.