Anaesthesia Course

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Anaesthesia technology is a job oriented course. In India, Diploma as well as B.Sc. Degree course format is available, when it comes to anaesthesia technology studies. Pursuing and completing any course format mentioned above will help you become an anaesthesia technician.

An anaesthesia technician is an allied healthcare professional. Their main task is to assist Doctors/Surgeons during surgery, by administering appropriate dose of anaesthesia and operating anaesthesia equipment whenever required.


They can be seen assisting Doctors/Surgeons in Intensive Care Units (ICU), Emergency wards and departments and Operation Theatres. Largely, their task is pre operative. That means they are required before the operation starts, to administer anaesthetic agent to the patient. In some cases, there are also needed to perform the said task during or after surgery.


Anaesthesia technology course trains students in aspects such as anaesthesia equipment, anaesthesia techniques, anaesthetic agents and dosage, patient monitoring, anaesthesia supplies and anaesthesia technology.


The knowledge and skills that they acquire helps them in choosing appropriate anaesthetic, determining appropriate dose, operating anaesthetic equipment and monitoring patients’ conditions.

Courses syllabus
TitleEstimate TimeSpent TimeStatus
1. Introdution
Introduction30 mins45 minsComplete
2. Main
Building on skills2 hours2 hoursLearning
2.3 Document setup and background60:2030:00